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We're not just teaching music,

we're creating musicians!

We often get asked, "what inspired the App?"

Mitchell Osmond, CEO of ProNotes, tells the story of how one conversation set this dream into motion.

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Mitchell Osmond

Music Education & Development

Mitch's life-long intrigue with music led him to the completion of his Bachelor’s Degree in Music with a major in Vocal Performance with a minor in Contemporary Guitar.

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Don Somerville

Music Licensing & Production

As an industry veteran, Don has successfully worked with Grammy Award winning artists and songwriters to produce some of the most commercially accessible music of today.

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Richard Tanner

Finance & Investor Relations

Richard has spent over 37 years in the financial industry in various positions from stock broker to concluding his career as First Vice President and Portfolio Manager with a leading Canadian investment firm.

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Jeff Bell

Business & Growth Strategies

Jeff received a degree in finance and business entrepreneurship while competing on the NCAA circuit in the US. Jeff's path through sport and education led him to a career in finance where he advises on mergers and acquisitions.

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