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For Everyone

Whether you are just learning to sing, a voice teacher, or a huge karaoke lover, ProNotes is a comprehensive tool for everyone.



The advancement of technology is making way for more

possibilities in the world of music education

ProNotes is harnessing that tech to make it easier and more affordable than ever to learn and teach music. 

Through our exclusive vocal analytics, homework assistant, and curriculum of over 1,000 exercises, we are making it easier than ever to learn to sing! 

Offering voice, sight, ear, and rhythm training, we aren't only

teaching voice, we are developing musicians.

Education Evolution

The arts aren't dying, the way we teach them are.

With new technology, the way we enjoy, learn, and interact

with music is changing.

We are giving music education an innovative facelift.

Check out how ProNotes can help you:

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